Cool Tips & Things to do in Sofia

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Cool Tips & Things to do in Sofia

Welcome to the vibrant city of Sofia – many great surprises and memorable experiences await you!

The second oldest settlement in Europe, today the capital of Bulgaria is a thriving center of cultural richness, offering plenty of inspiration for the modern city traveller – compelling galleries, museums, parks and night spots.

Here’s a short list of cool tips and things to do during your stay.

A good way to start – take a sightseeing tour 

The Free Sofia Tour is a 2-hour walking tour that covers Sofia’s most famous landmarks and is led by enthusiastic local guides. It is approved by the Sofia City Municipality and is both fun and educational, going through all the main tourist sights and thousands of years of history.

Visit the National Palace of Culture and head down to Vitosha Boulevard for some shopping 

The National Palace of Culture, referred to simply as NDK, is located in the heart of the city center. Being one of Europe’s largest conference centers, the imposing size of this hexagonal building is a memorable sight on its own. Together with its surrounding gardens it offers an interesting example of the socialist architecture of the past. Many exhibitions and shows are hosted here all year round, so be sure to check the program for an event that might catch your eye.

After taking a stroll along the fountains in front of NDK, you can head down to the pedestrian area of Vitosha Boulevard for some shopping at its many boutiques or grab a bite at the nearby cafes and bistros.

Take a long picturesque walk in Borisova Gadren and enjoy some traditional cuisine in one of the oldest restaurants in Sofia 

Borisova Gadren is a beautiful green sanctuary in the heart of the city. It’s Sofia’s largest park. Enjoy a pleasant walk down its alleys and then continue your day with a lunch or dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in Sofia – Pod Lipite. It dates back to 1926, once being a favourite spot to notable figures from Bulgaria’s art circles. Nowadays Pod Lipite is a great choice for savouring the authentic taste of Bulgarian cuisine, surrounded by the restaurants’ cosy atmosphere with its stone walls and brick fireplace.

Marvel at the view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral at dusk 

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of Sofia’s most visited landmarks. Once one of the largest Eastern Orthodox churches in the world, it is constructed in a beautiful and intricate Neo-Byzantine style with a glimmering golden dome. It’s best to marvel at its sight after sunset, while the dome shines against the backdrop of the night sky.

Catch an exhibition at Kvadrat 500 

Kvadrat 500 is the newest and largest exhibition space of the National Gallery. Some 1,700 artworks from the gallery’s rich fund of over 42,000 museum pieces by Bulgarian and foreign artists are exhibited in 28 halls on four levels. The Bulgarian collection dates back to the 1890s, while the greater part of the foreign collection was formed in the 1980s. Surely, the place to be for any culture enthusiast, visiting Sofia!